The Last Of Us has turned me into a filthy, filthy hypocrite

This posts contains serious spoilers for The Last Of Us. Don’t be dumb and read it if you’re playing through it.

Four in the morning, slumped on my living room floor laying up against the front of the sofa, PS3 remote in my hand, still gripped readily as I’m still anticipating some sort of curve ball.

Maybe I was living in denial for a brief second that the game ended on such a cliff hanger, maybe I just didn’t want the experience to end, fuck knows. But I was so on the edge of my seat that I literally wasn’t even on the seat any more.

The Last Of Us, was in my recollection the first, and so far only game that I wanted to immediately go through again but literally couldn’t because the original play through emotionally drained the fuck out of me.

The narrative by now is overdone. Infected people fucking shit up in a post apocalyptic land, but people are the real threat, someone can’t get infected, yada yada yada, it’s been done before.

The Last Of Us though delivered this with with an extra dose of brutality, letting you briefly play as Joel’s lovable daughter before killing her within about twenty minutes.

The moment the prologue comes to an end you’re already aware you’re in for one hell of a fucking emotional roller coaster. There were tantrums, tears, anguish, a few doses of happiness, and all out fear throughout the game. Worrying about the fate of a character the moment you met them, whether they’d die, turn evil, or make it through the affair.

I could compile a list of my favourite gaming moments, and fuck it. I plan to in a future blog post, and The Last of Us can easily fill up a few. Sarah’s death, Joel’s rampage through the hospital to save Ellie, encounter the Giraffes.

So once the credit came rolling in, my reaction was a lot like everyone’s….

“………….What the fuck?”

You’re left tittering on a cliff. Even though there was no obvious cliff hanger the questions were left dangling in front of you with no means of any answer in sight.

Joel and Ellie’s story was littered with highs and lows, and every single part of me wanted to return to TLOU’s universe.

Here’s the thing though, I was more than happy to leave Joel and Ellie as a mystery. As far as I was concerned their story was over, they’d live happily ever after with Tommy and that was that. Ambiguous or not.

Plus, a destroyed world 20 years in the future is ripe with possible storylines.

I was itching to play a campaign as Ish (Ishing to play, you could say) the guy who lived out through notes in the sewers.

You could have played as a simple Firefly in their rise to fame, or Ellie’s mom and Marlene in the early days.

Hell, The Last Of Us has Universe has thousands of stories to tap into. Even Joel’s as a prequel, everyone probably has an ideal scenario in their head.

Now we’re here. I’ve just found out about The Last of Us Part Two. Reuniting with Ellie (After what would appear to be quite the killing spree) And Joel.

It’s like seeing two old friends you’ve not even thought about in a while, but the moment you see them you remember the good times and just want to spend the afternoon with them again.

Everything I once thought about leaving Joel and Ellie as a mystery, about their story being done, my desire to still play in that universe but as someone else has been disproven in a two minute video.

I’m prepared to get my heart broken by Naughty Dog again. More than fucking ready.


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26 year old British guy who moans, goes on tangents, rants about inane things and gets himself into all sorts of bizarre situations. Despite this everyone loves him.
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